1.) We accept the responsibility of cultivating, by perception and example in our communities, the enlightened use of solid fuel heating appliances, and of developing in our clients as well as the general public a respect for safety in the installation, operation and maintenance of all solid fuel burning units.

2.) We encourage our members to accept the role of well-informed and articulate professionals, and to admit openly when we are unsure of the proper course to follow.

3.) We criticize those who would disparage a competitive product or service in order to enhance their own products or services through unfair comparison.

4.) We endeavor to develop a respect for precision and accuracy in the performance of our duties, and to ensure to the best of our knowledge and ability that all we have claimed to do has been done.

5.) We endorse the use of liability insurance to assure protection for our clients, ourselves and our businesses.

6.) We dedicate ourselves fully to these principles, confident in the belief that professionalism and honesty ultimately will prevail in the free marketplace.

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